Ding tomb and Mutianyu Great Wall tour (No Shopping)

    Ding tomb and Mutianyu Great Wall tour (No Shopping)


Ding tomb

The Ming Tombs are located in the northwestern suburbs of Beijing ,about fifty kilometers from the city. They are the tombs of thirteen emperors of the Ming Dynasty (1368—-1644 A.D).

Dingling is the tomb of the tenth emperor of the Ming Dynasty and his two empresses. Its underground palace was the first of the underground structures excavated between 1956 and 1957.

Dingling consists of five chambers, all built of stone. Its total area is 1,195 square metres. The Ante-chamber and the Central Chamber are 7.2 metres high each. Two Side Chambers are 7.1 meters high each. In the Central Chamber there are three thrones,. The Back Chamber, 9.5 metres high, is the place where the coffins are kept.

The grave goods of Dingling number over 3,000 pieces in all, including gold, silver, pearls, jewels, jadeware, chinaware, lacquerware, silk goods.


Mutianyu Great wall

Mutianyu Great Wall Travel Area is situated in Huairou District of Beijing.It has a longer history and is bestowed with brilliant cultures.In according to historic record,Mutianyu Great Wall was supervised and built up by a subordinate general to Zhu Yuanzhang,Xu Da based on the relic of the Great Wall in Northern Qi .In 1987,Mutianyu Great Wall was appraised as one of the 16 scenic spots in new Beijing and in 1992,it was appraised as the World Best of Beijing Tourism.In 2002,it was appraised as 4A grade scenic area and is the essence of Great Wall.

Mutian valley Great Wall tourist area mountains, beautiful scenery.Spring, qunfang contend in beauty, snowcapped;In the summer, with green mountains, bubbling streams;Autumn, red leaves overflow hill, fruitful;Winter, snow, snow mountains, one faction northland scenery, at home and abroad enjoy “the Great Wall Mutianyu section of biscuit.

Schedule   (price 320 RMB) 7:20-17:00

Monday  Wednesday Friday Sunday tour.

1 one and half hour visit to the Ding Tomb

2 Having lunch at local restaurant, two and a half hours visit to the Great wall. then back to Beijing

Including:lunch entrance ticket  transportation  guide

Excluding:drinks. cable car

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