Chang tomb,ShenDao and Juyongguan Great Wall (No Shopping)

Chang tomb,ShenDao and Juyongguan Great Wall(  No Shopping)

ShenDao Tomb

The Ming Tombs are located in Chang ping District,about 50 kilometers on the northwest of Beijing. This imperial cemetery covers an area of 40 square kilometers with 13 Ming emperors,23 empresses,many imperial concubines,princes and princesses buried there.These tombs are the best~preserved of a11 Chinese imperial tombs.
The Ming Dynasty started from 1368 to 1644,lasting 276 years.Altogether 16emperorS ruled in the Ming Dynasty.
But out of the 16 emperors,13 emperors were bunedi Beijing Ming Tombs area.The first Ming Emperor ZhuY uanzhang was buried in Xiaoling of Nanjing.The second emperor had no tomb. The seventh emperor Jing Tai was buried at Jinshan Mountain in the western suburbs of Beijing.
The Sacred Way,that we visit now,was originally designed for the Changling Tomb.the sacred way to other tombs originated from this one,it be-come the general sacred way for a11.Along the 7.3 kilometre long sacred wav stands the Marble Archway,the Big Red Gate,Tablet Tower,Stone Statues and Dragon and Phoenix Gate.

Ju yong guan Great Wall

The juyongguan on both sides are “mountain city” stands, GuanCheng climbing steep cliffs, not of the conjugate control, topped south Beijing channel. This absolutely risk topography, decided the importance of its military, ancient strategist, calls it “the KongE north-south ancient giant prevent”. The tang dynasty poet in the frontier GaoShi, describe the juyongguan road when XianGuan males wrote: “absolutely slope under water, even the high peaks cloud.

Since the juyongguan HongWuJian shut, all previous dynasties have built after a bigger is early in. After the change, when the civil BingBu YuQian ministers in the Ming emperor: count the portal, appropriate for capital levels are eager to garrison is rebuilt the juyongguan king platform. The juyongguan south that MenE remaining embedded: “the juyongguan” stone plaque on eight months 550 years “in good day made” signature.


Schedule  (7:30 -1700)   300 RMB

1. Two and a half visit to the Juyongguan Great Wall.

 2. Haveing luncha at local restaurant,one and a half hour visit Shen Dao and Chang tomb.then back to Beijing.

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 excluding:drinks cable car

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