Shichahai Theatre Beijing Kung Fu Panda

Shichahai Theatre Beijing Kung Fu Panda Show

Shichahai Theatre presents an exiting Kung Fu Show in Beijing. Starring famous Chinese martial artists and pandas who go on a journey to learn the art of Kung Fu. Get ready for a magical performance suitable for the whole family

1, with  baby to the Chinese theater to see Chinese Kung Fu Panda VS.

2, to see the children, 100% of the excitement. Crying because I did not see enough!3, Chinese, Kung Fu Performances into the opera, acrobatics, face and other quintessence, than the general children’s drama has significant meaning!

4, the performance in many design and the interaction between the children and the panda, set up comedy, lively scene, more meet the needs of children’s perspective.

5, the repertoire of lines to explain the use of Chinese and English bilingual, you can let the children laugh at high school english


Two lovely panda love kung fu star Jackie Chan and Jet Li named “dragon” and “syrofox”. They to learn Chinese Kung Fu, traveled to the Beijing streets, scenic spots and historical sites, new and old landmarks, has encountered a mantis, tiger, crane, monkey, snake numerous martial arts master, after coach martial arts experience, not only feel the profound Chinese Kung Fu, but also a taste of Beijing traditional style and fashion charm.        Large parent child drama “Panda” (Overseas Edition, also known as “PANDA! “) on the basis of the original performance made creative adjustments, enrich the doll style, increased the number of animal images and interactive sessions. Performances humorous, magnificent. It is not only suitable for children to watch, and suitable for adults to watch, is both meaningful and interesting parent-child stage play. Performance to China’s national treasure panda as the protagonist, the plot into Chinese martial arts, acrobatics, dance, magic, music and other elements, using 3D stereoscopic video, can be mobile LED side curtain, unique lifting projection yarn curtain high-tech means, so the whole show climaxes, brilliant! Best show in beijing.

                                          SEAT  MAP

green ticket:180 sell  100      yellow ticket:280 sell  140      pink ticket:380 sell 200                 Show time:17:30 every day                                                         Address: Beihai Park back door to the North 100 meters West Street Shichahai theater in. (北京什刹海 功夫熊猫 剧场)什刹海体校西门口                                      地铁:6号线,北海北站B口,出来直行50米,然后左转200米就到。 公交:13路; 42路; 90内; 90外; 107路; 111路; 118路; 204夜班车内; 204夜班车外; 609路; 612路; 623路; 701路 北海北门,路北,往西50米,然后路北即到。 驾车:直接GPS定位什刹海剧场,后海西边50米左右,北大医院男科中心西边道路进入即到。                                    You can make a phone call or send mail to booking, we will arrange a tour guide in Before the performance half an hour in front of the theater to give you the ticket. Very convenient and quick.easy for you