The water town and Simatai Great Wall one day tour (No Shopping)

The water town – Simatai Great wall two different scenic

    One day tour for two different scenic spots    The water town and Simatai Great Wall.

 Ancient North Township is located in Miyun County, Beijing Gubeikou town, backed by China’s most beautiful, the most dangerous of Simatai Great Wall, sitting Yuanyang Lake reservoir, is the suburbs of Beijing rare combination of natural landscape of the city of the ancient village. Hebei junction, convenient transportation from Beijing Capital International Airport and Beijing are in a half hour or so drive from the Miyun County and Chengde City, about 45 minutes drive away. Resorts is in the original, based on three natural villages remediation, converted, beautifully preserved mountain Republican style courtyard, the building area 430,000 square meters, with a total area of 9 square kilometers.

the water town and simatai great wall

     It has a thousand years of history of ancient North Township, simple, elegant, picturesque. Row upon row of houses, quartzite Street, a long alley, all show the ancient town in northern Republic of China. Within the Township of canals, ancient tributary Tanghe linger meantime, ancient, homes built by the water, under the fresh air, blue sky, green water waves, towering poplar trees, like a little-known paradise. As night fell, a well-planned town floodlight night vulgarity, Stern revealed the slightest warmth, whether or mighty ingenious idea, have called the country’s premier, is not to be missed views.


    Close to the Great Wall at Simatai “ancient North Township,” has a long history, is developed on the basis of the original castle guarding the door of the Great Wall built in the mixed military and civilian, the existing “Simatai Castle” is Beijing’s key cultural relics treasures units “Great Wall + town” is the rare and majestic natural and cultural landscape of the historical and cultural sights mixed together. In ancient North Township, visitors can explore not only the current best-preserved Simatai Great Wall, the Great Wall can also participate in the unique experience of feeling sentiments of local folklore: to live in a small farm house; wander in the bustling commercial street in the north; burning taste Northland museum and other meat dishes and snacks authentic; visit Shun dye, Zhenyuan Escort, Sima small burn, Banners town hall and many other attractions ……

 beijing great wall tour

Simatai Great Wall
 Simatai Great Wall is China‘s one paragraph, situated between Beijing’s Miyun County, Hebei Province Luanping. It is the most advantageous period of the Great Wall, east Wangjing floor, west after Kawaguchi, length of 5.4 kilometers. The Great Wall was built in the Northern Qi Dynasty, the existing building was built during the Ming Dynasty. The Great Wall is divided into eastern and western sections Yuanyanghu, respectively, 16 and 19 watchtowers. Since the Great Wall Jinshanling Great Wall to the west, so many hikers love with two of the Great Wall tour. Great Wall is famous because in addition to advantageous, there still can be better after renovation reservations original monuments. Simatai Great Wall in 1987 was inscribed on the World Heritage List, is a national key cultural relics protection units. Between East 15th floor to the 16th floor called east bridge, it is a wall about 30 centimeters wide walls on the south side of the cliff, it is the most dangerous period. Therefore, for security reasons, visitors can only ascend to the 12th floor east.greatwall22
The highest point of the Great Wall is “Fairy House”, need to ascend the “ladder” and on. Ladder up to 100 m, slope of 85 degrees, almost Simatai vertical, no guts Juenan conquest. Onlooking upward, brick stone that can accommodate only a step on the foot, steep cliffs on both sides, in the middle of the road level as fine lines, thin blade, such as a steep vertical, help people look ladder disappointed, and gasped. Climb Fairy House, more magnificent scenery really beautiful, bow at the foot of the cliff, sliced ​​ax general, strands at the fog mist hanging in the cliffs, steep even more thrilling. Northwest seamless Jinshanling Great Wall and Simatai, resembled a dragon about to take off. The Great Wall of different sizes and shapes of fortresses, the right to build on each high ground, imposing stern, solemn upright. Entire section of the Great Wall, in perfect harmony, the magnificent, always shows her clever, unique, majestic and magnificent. Look at the endless sky rushes Yanshan Mountains, stacked countless fantasy; to see the vast North China Plain boundless, has spread to the eye does not reach the horizon, in this broad exotic scenery, it is not by the imagination. Easy for hikking.

Schedule   (6:00-17:00)   380 p/p

1.  2.5 hours transportation from Beijing to the water town
2.  One and half hour go sightseeing in Gubei town
3.  Two and half hours hiking on Simatai Great Wall
4.  After hiking take the shuttle bus to the restauant.
5.  Half an hour for lunch, after lunch back to Beijing.
 Include:transportation  entrance tickets(water town  & Simatai Great Wall)  shuttle  bus ticket
 Exclude: Drinks  cablecar  boat

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